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Marianne Eisenmann leads Determinus, the research division of Chandler Chicco Companies (CCC). An advocate of communications research, Marianne has a proven track record in helping clients incorporate knowledge, through research, into the planning process using the latest practices for leading global companies. Marianne is recognized among the industry for producing award-winning work. She recently received the prestigious Golden Ruler Silver Merit Award from the Institute for Public Relations Commission on Public Relations Measurement and Evaluation. The award recognized her efforts in the development of an innovative model tracking and measuring progress in coalition and relationship building. A true measurement enthusiast, Marianne is an active member of the industry, participating in various organizations, including the Measurement and Evaluation Commission of the Institute for Public Relations, IPRA United Nations Department of Information Advisory Group, Association for Measurement and Evaluation for Communications (AMEC) and the PR/Marketing Committee of the Hudson Guild in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood. She also is a frequent author and presenter. Marianne has an MBA from George Washington University and a BA from St. Lawrence University in New York State.

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June 11, 2013


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PR Measurement Continues to Evolve

PR practitioners have long struggled with how to measure their work and demonstrate the value of public relations. While there is still no silver bullet or one single number that will tell management how we’re doing, there has been a steady stream of guidelines and recommendations published by industry associations in recent years. The most recent was released at last week’s Fifth European Summit on Measurement in Madrid in the form of The PR Professionals Definitive Guide to Measurement. The Guide contains chapters penned by measurement experts from many perspectives and is intended to be a global best practice guide to evaluation. The Guide reinforces some common themes, most emphatically that measuring outputs (like clip counts and impressions) alone is never going to show the success of a PR campaign; we must also measure outcomes (how we changed awareness, attitude or behaviors). And, we need to set measurable objectives for communications programs that relate to the business objectives of the organization. Contributors to the Guide acknowledge that measurement needs to be customized to the specific needs of your PR program; there is no “one size fits all.” How can we put these guidelines into practice? Some of the measurement must-do’sContinue Reading

Research Impacts the Practice of PR

Recently, I attended the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPRRC) at the University of Miami. Since 2003, I’ve been participating in this truly international event, attended by leading academics and practitioners from 25 countries. There is no other conference like it. Like speed dating for research fanatics, participants rotate tables every 15 minutes during each one-hour session, choosing from the six papers being presented simultaneously. Presenters share the highlights of their research and invite discussion four consecutive times for 15 minutes during the one hour period. With six one-hour sessions a day for three days, more than 100 papers are presented! That’s both mental saturation and inspiration. What were these academics and practitioners talking about? Social media was the number one topic. About 25% of papers focused on some aspect of its use or impact in public relations (only two-thirds of the top US PR agencies use blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media on their websites). Other social media papers presented how corporations are using social to cultivate relationships (the number one reason people engage with corporate social networks is remuneration like coupons/discounts); the ethics of CEO ghost blogging (79% surveyed say okay if executive gives content ideas andContinue Reading

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