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July 21, 2014


Written by Meg Alexander

Categories: Digital and Social Media

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Enhancing Reputation in a Social World

Social media’s impact to business in the last decade is undeniable. Beyond providing new channels to reach prospective consumers, astute businesses have found ways to monetize online engagement. Today, entities ranging from charities to movies are using Facebook to crowdfund...

July 16, 2013


Written by Danielle Dunne

Categories: Health

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Lessons in Love

There are two things I can rely on every morning at 9:00 am: a call from my mom and a ping on my phone that the Zulily daily event for infants and kids clothes has started. I love this ping...

April 5, 2012


Written by Katie Miller

Categories: Digital and Social Media

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Issues Management in a Socially-Networked World

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published an article titled “The Short Life of a PR Fiasco,” which focused on recent issues faced by companies that resulted in minimal damage to the brand or financial standings. The piece...

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